Everyone lives their own adventure

This is Ours

Our Story

Ever since we (Virginia and Niccolò) were young we have breathed our grandfather’s , and then our father’s , passion for the land and the wine.

After studies and experiences in other environments and abroad we decided to set off on this adventure which excites us and puts us to the test every day.


The heart represent our passion for viticulture makes us enjoy our work everyday loving what we do with our hearts and minds

impronta bianca

The footprint cause our vineyard and our soil represent who we are. We believe in what we do and how we do it with our feet on the ground but letting our imagination soar

vitigno bianco

The root, earthìs simbol is the origin, the embryo of this cycle of life: the soil, the vines, the environment and finally the wine. More we take care of it, better the wines we’ll get back

Some of our Chianti Wines

Our Wines

The “terroir” near the Montalbano mountains and the Tyrrhenian sea , is a perfect union between climate and ground and the complexity of the soil, partly sandy and partly calcareous and loamier, gives our wines a distinctive connotation, strength and vitality.

bottiglia in mano


We’re excited to welcome you to our world.
We organize guided tour, walks through the vineyard and tasting.

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